This is one book I really enjoyed reading. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and I felt myself drawn into the world Alvin Abram has created. He set the perfect stage and I could not help myself reading and re-reading the chapters.


The quick pace of the writing is so expert, that before I could digest the first murder mystery to be uncovered another incident occurred that held my attention. The writing is very effective in maintaining the grip on the reader’s interest. Mr. Abram’s writing captures reality thoroughly as he takes his readers into the boundaries of criminal activities in Canada. In reading The Dead Don’t Weep, the reader becomes acquainted with and can understand the difficulties of criminal investigation. This book does not simply chronologically describe investigation, it provides the reader with the necessary background to enrich the reading of the crime story.


The Dead Don’t Weep captures the day-to-day issues of the careers of criminal investigators, as it explores the personal internal conflicts faced by the investigators and touches on the ideals of good versus evil/good cops versus bad cops. It realistically and vividly captures the dramatic moments of the personal lives of Homicide Police Officers working within the environment of crime fighting, delving into the terror, pain, anger, mistrust and a tension they feel and how they cope with the insecurities all of us carry.


There are more questions than answers in The Dead Don’t Weep as the solutions created from a vault of evidence and information elude the investigators. The book shows there is no expiry date in solving a major crime. There are no statutory limitations for murder or homicide. Detectives Garshowitz and Forester are two determined police detectives who live the story of suspicious murders, illegal narcotics smuggling and conspiracy. This story of betrayal and organized crime is carefully put together by the author and will be a hit with its shocking ending. Overall, this book is “hard core” reading, laden with surprises and stunning climaxes. Enjoy the journey.

Carlos Kirk, Toronto

(Retired) Narcotics Police Investigator



Psst! Want a verbal roller coaster ride? Read The Dead Don’t Weep by Alvin Abram. From the low of bantering detectives, it rises to the heights of a who dunnit with the background of Toronto and beyond, as you have never seen it in print before. After a deceptive plunge of missed opportunities, it rises again through diverse human behaviour and discovery by highly fleshed-out characters. Wait! At the end of the ride there is a promise of a literary lollipop.

Clinton Green, Toronto