The Eugene Joseph Story: For the most part, the words never got in the way of the story. This is more difficult than it sounds. The writer has an obvious natural gift for narrative. I was never lost.

Philip G. Schloss, U.S.A.


Touched by Love: The author’s short story of love, choices and honest truth will fill your heart with emotion. By the second paragraph you will be connected to the characters and not only care what happens to them but you will be awaiting their next move with anticipation. The author allows the reader to visualize the events as they unfold and lets you into their lives. The beautiful relationship that is portrayed in this story is the best I have read in a long time.

Miriam Porter: Producer/Actor, Canada


Road Rage: What a keen sense of perception. A vivid picture in the mind’s eye that anyone who ever felt at their wit’s end can identify. The author places the reader right in the car, embroiled in the emotional suspense, then expand the character’s humanness before adding the final twist of irony. A must-read, thought provoking page turner.

Marjorie Lang, U.S.A.


Road Rage: Married twenty years and nagging him for ten, this dull man found a way of tuning his wife out. He had allowed a boring life full of ‘yes dears’ to fill him with hatred. His feeble excuses, ‘I am no social animal and I am too tired,’ had driven her to seek permanent attention by driving him crazy. Was he just lost on his way to her sister’s or had he lost the plot of life – a realistic story with a twisted ending.

Susanna Weiner, England


A Stitch in Time: It was easy to visualize the dynamics between the mother and the son. I felt I was in the room with them. The scene also took me back to a vivid scene in my own memory . . . which made me smile and cry. Nice story!

Gloria Claman, Canada


Forbidden: I was impressed with this original love story most forbidden, but so vivid as well as exotic between a Jewish woman and a gentile.

Arie Shevy-Shibi, Israel


Kugler: Wonderful usage of actual events. Definitely a good understanding of history. Brought a few tears and a sniffle upon first reading.

M. Goatham,U.S.A


Kugler: A very good story, overall. Wonderful usage of actual events. Definitely a very good understanding of history as shown by the case which elements were added to the work. Brought a few tears and a sniffle upon first reading.

Ashley Lange, U.S.A.


Flight: You tell a good story. It’s intriguing and makes you want to keep reading. I liked how you moved back and forth in time. That builds interest.

Terry Ward, U.S.A.


The Credit Card Caper: I found to be a quickly engaging story with a nice easy flow. The characters re well portrayed, the plot is smooth and clean, the humour is fun!

Carolyn Nielsom, U.S.A.


Jonas: The Baker: The best I’ve read anywhere for a long time. It was an absolute joy to read. Sir you are an excellent writer.

Mike West, U.S.A.


Touched by Love: A thoughtfully written piece about an unexpected pregnancy and the parallel love between a man and a woman told from a male perspective.

Sasha Nicole, U.S.A.


Ta-Ta-T-A-Ta: I have to say I really like your prose. It has a maturity that’s refreshing to see. Your opening is nice, setting the mood, the loneliness, fear, reluctance of the situation at hand.

Clair Anderson, U.S.A.