Effective: September 27, 2010

ALVIN ABRAM is a storyteller, writer and graphic designer. He attended York University's Creative Fourth Year Writing Course in 1995 at the age of 59. In 1996 followed with an Outline Course at University of Toronto, finishing with an Intensive Creative Summer Writing Course at Humber College in 1997.

Has had more than 32 short stories published since 1998: Wordscape murder anthologies, Women's World magazine (New York), Winners' Circle, Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul, North York Post, Bayview Post, The Israeli Magazine, Canadian Jewish News and in April 2007, ARS Medica, Mount Sinai Hospital's Journal of Psychiatry and others and has ghost written eight books.


Self-published The Light After the Dark, in 1997, a 244-page hard cover book of six true stories about children who had an experience during the Holocaust that defies logic. In 1998, Key Porter Books bought the rights to the book. The book has sold 10,000 copies since 1997 as well as reunited people thought dead.

Self-published Why, Zaida? in 2000, a fully coloured illustrated, hard cover fictional story of a nine-year-old boy who asks his grandfather why the old man has no father or mother. The grandfather uses a squirrel, a dog, a robin, a stick and a stream, grass and weeds as metaphors to answer the boy's question.

Self-published The Light After the Dark II, in 2001, a 271-page soft cover book of an additional six true stories about children who had a chance and circumstance experience during the Holocaust.

Self-published The Unlikely Victims, in 2002, a 244-page book about a Jewish Toronto homicide detective, Gabe Garshowitz, who becomes involved in six cases, resolving them as he deals with his own personal problems – aging and the loss of his wife. Nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award by Crime Writers of Canada as one of the five Best First Novels for 2002.

Self-published Stories I Wrote, in 2003, a 274-page book of 18 stories from the more than 31 stories and articles that have appeared in print since 1997. Some of the stories have been reprinted as many as six times.

Self-published An Eye For An Eye, in 2004, (first part of a trilogy), a 428-page epic novel described as, “a monumental work…a magnificent tragic tale,” by D. M. Thomas, winner of the Cheltenham Award and author of White Hotel. A murder/mystery centered in Lodz, Poland that spans 1921-1946. The novel is about the Ackerman's (Jewish) and the Zwonarz families (Catholic) whose lives intertwine in the ebb and flow of true historical incidents before, during and after the Second World War. Winner of the 2005 International BookAdz Award for the Best Novel for 2004 published by a Canadian and American author and published by independent, university, small press and self-publishers or print-on-demand (POD) or self-published authors.

Self-published The Minyan in 2006. Is the second novel in the trilogy; a 428-page soft cover novel that continues with the Ackerman and Zonarz families and the threat to Israel.

Self-published in May 2008 The Dead Don't Weep, another Detective Gabe Garshowitz novel in which several unconnected crimes are investigated, the last on a Caribbean cruise. During the case, Gabe Garshowitz falls in love.

Awards and Accolades:

Alvin Abram's books have sold in England, Australia, New Zealand as well as the U.S. He has had more than 100 speaking engagements and been interviewed on radio and television many times. A volunteer in the Toronto Jewish community all his life. Past President of Leonard Mayzel Ontario Lodge B'nai Brith, Board Member, Jewish National Fund (Toronto), Board Member of Canadian Friends of Boys Town of Jerusalem, etc.

Founder and President of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of Ontario and part of the inaugural committee that formed the Bernard Betel Centre (a senior community centre) and Ileitis and Colitis Foundation. Winner of the Bloomfield Medal (JNF), Member of the Year, Leonard Mayzel Ontario Lodge B'nai Brith, three time winner of the International Typographic Union's White Paper Presentation and many other awards.

Member of Crime Writers of Canada and Toronto Writers Union of Canada.