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    I have generally been a silent viewer on TWUC or CWC chat groups. I have read the horror stories of several authors, became aware of their concerns in the community and nationally and I wondered why they never state the real problem.

    They donít trust publishers no matter in what capacity and they resent Chapters/Indigoís hold on their future.

    Well, Iím saying it.

    Publishers are in business to generate a profit. Thatís the goal of any business. Thatís my goal in business. To do otherwise is not to have a business. Chapters/Indigo wields a rubber club called consignment. What business generates a product without having the confidence that the product will be bought?

    The book industry.

    What a horrendous prospect to spend thousands and thousands of dollars and never know whether any of it will be purchased until months later when the Credit system kicks in and books are returned for new books taken and the difference paid to the publisher is dependant on the difference sold Ė if at all.

    What a crock!

    The problem with the book industry is not the publishers or Chapters/Indigo but the mechanics in the way the industry operates. Authors are the key to this idiotic system. Itís their work that generates the profit being made by the publishers and Chapters/Indigo and yet they permit themselves to be prostituted, discounted and rendered comatose but not dead because who knows there might be a market in 50 years for their work.

    Stop complaining.

    You are afraid that if you say something against the present method of slave trading, a publisher will pass on your book and for sure the chances of it ever getting on the shelves of Chapters/Indigo diminishes.

    Could be right!

    Iím 71. I have arthritis and a bad heart. I could lie down and wait for death. BUT it is not in my nature. My eighth self-published novel will be released on April 1. My favourite day. In the 10 years I have made a concerted effort to be a writer, I had one book published by a national publishing firm for a net profit of minus $100 after three years. I can honestly say that I have generated over a quarter of a million dollars self-publishing. I have donated more than $20,000 in cash to charities. I own my rights. I distribute myself. The only time I lost money was when a distributor went bankrupt and I had to buy my own inventory or when the publisher didnít live up to the companyís own contract.

    Who needs it!

    There are other options. Maybe not the best options. BUT there are others. If you shack up with an abusive spouse, expect you might get hurt. In which case Ė why are you complaining?

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